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In our home we have a wide range of toys suitable for all ages and stages of development. The children are encouraged to help themselves to what they want to play with and tidy it away afterwards. I rotate the toys regularly so no one gets bored. I am always open to new ideas and try to tailor things for the children in my care. Children learn best when they are having fun.

As well as `free play' activities there are also lots of structured activities. When I plan activities I ensure that all of my mindees, whatever their age or ability, can join in. Inspiration will be taken from children's interests, seasons and religious holidays when planning activities.

We also do lots of messy & creative play, ranging from drawing & painting, to gloop & play dough, not to mention baking, cooking, collage, paper mache & many more. I always have a well-stocked crafts cupboard and the children love to see their works of art displayed.

I try to ensure all children have access to a wide range of activities & opportunities to learn. The computer is free for everyone to use and there are programs for all ages. It is kept in the living room so I can keep an eye it at all times, and has been password protected against any unsuitable sites.

I would never force a child to do an activity they did not want to take part in, and quiet time can be a lovely opportunity to read a book or have a cuddle.

I try and take the children out at least once a day, even if it is to play in our secure garden with the equipment. I do lots of visits to parks and recreation grounds, Edenbridge recreation ground is 50 metres away, and we regularly attend the Children's centre.

I like to take the children to musical bugs, messy toddler, story time, bounce and rhyme as well as many other sessions. I also attend childrens groups and regularly meet up with other childminders in the area.

Some of the places we visit

  • Hever Castle
  • Godstone Farm
  • Manic Monsters
  • Tonbridge Park
  • Staffhurst woods
  • Ashdown forest
  • British Wildlife Centre
  • Beaver Water World
  • And many more

Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the standard of care for your child from birth to 5 years old.

We use the following activities:

  • communication and language
  • physical development
  • personal, social and emotional development
  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding the world
  • expressive arts and design